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Hawke Panorama

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Manufacturer: Hawke

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Hawke Panorama
4-12X50 AO
Hawke Panorama
5-15X50 AO
6-18X50 A0
6-18X50 A0

You can't shoot what you can't see…
Panorama RiflescopePanorama Riflescope
…Now you can see it all.
Fully Multi-coated Lenses:

The Panorama has been expertly designed to offer a wide high resolution view. With 16 layer fully multicoated lenses, image reproduction is bright and sharp.
Low-profile Fingertip Turrets

The low profile turrets operate with repeatable accuracy and have 15 MOA of adjustment for each rotation. Once on target the scale can be reset
Adjustable Objective

For accurate focus and the elimination of parallax error the integrated Adjustable Objective (AO models) operates with precision and ease. By integrating, the low profile design allows for the riflescope to be mounted lower and ensures the optional metal flip-up covers remain stationary during adjustment.
Illumination Rheostat

Every model features dual red and blue illumination with 5 brightness settings allowing reticle visibility to be maximised in dark cover.
Precision Engineered Construction

Panorama riflescopes use 1 inch mono-tube construction and a high torque zoom ring with an integrated rubber insert.


10× ½ Mil Dot Reticle

Accurate mil spacing on 10×. Features dots and ties at half mil spacing, ensuring that there is always an aim point available. Glass etched folly floating reticle.

One of the additional benefits of the 10x Half Mil Dot is the mil spacing and 0.2 mil spacing segments of the hollow bars which can be used to accurately range find targets.


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